...I bought the Apollo cat bowls and liners to solve a problem: my cat minder not washing the two cat’s bowls prior to their next meal and in Australia with warm weather this is disastrous from a health perspective. I was desperate for a solution and finally found this product. It is just great - the liners do not absorb the food, the two cats have clean bowls all the time and there are no smells. The liners are really fabulous and the cats like the wide bowls as they can push the food around but are able to get every last morsel. It has really solved a huge problem for me as I can go away now and know the cats will never have a dirty bowl again. I am very grateful this product existed and I fully endorse the cleanliness aspect of the product as well as its useability... Sue, Canberra Australia

...I am absolutely delighted with the cat bowl system, and so is my cat, who is definitely very fussy! It is a real pleasure to have a kitchen that doesn't seem to constantly smell of uneaten cat food, whether in the bowl or in the bin, despite always wrapping waste food in plastic bags. The disposable liners are very effective at containing smells when scrunched up... Joan, Renfrew

...The Apollo cat bowl is great.  The fact that it is larger is very handy.  I like that you can get a lot in in it. My cat pushes the food around so he can easily get to it with this shallow larger bowl.  Keep up what you are doing.  It's a great little system and we couldn't do without it now!… Kylie, Bristol

...I'm happy to let you know that my cat has noticed absolutely no difference with this bowl to his old one (this is a really good thing as I thought he may not like the inserts). However I absolutely love it. Having the inserts has made life so much easier. Before having them I was often tempted to leave his bowl longer than I should before changing it. Now I change the liners every single morning without fail. It's odd to say, but it's been a life changer. I wouldn't go back so will be a regular buyer of inserts as long as we have a cat now!.. Russ, Birmingham

...We’re getting on great – the cat (ex feral) loves the additional space to eat from; she has tiny meals but really does not like a small bowl, or a deep bowl either we have discovered. The larger, shallow Apollo bowl is just perfect. With a household of vegetarians the disposal system is great and she definitely prefers to eat from a clean bowl each time too…she used to drink from cow pat puddles, so why she’s so fussy now is beyond me. Having also tried other disposal systems this is the only one we’ll use - thanks for a great product!… Lisa, Tadley

...I bought this bowl system because I’m vegetarian and I hate washing cat bowls and scraping out the leftovers! This has been a huge help and I’m very glad this product has been made as it’s made my life a lot easier. I will definitely be buying more liners again in the future… Robyn, Dorset

...We are getting on really well with the bowl, they have been a true god send. Our cat is the queen of fussiness and I was having to wash her bowl 2/3 times a day. We were unsure if she would take to the liners, but we have had no objections, and she is now eating everything in her bowl. Thank you for a brilliant and innovative product... Athene and Baby Lewis, Epsom

...I'm very happy with this - at last no more nasty dishes to scrub! Cat food must be the most adhesive food substance ever. Great concept for fussy cats and their humans! Worth every penny, clean dish every time and when scrunched up and placed in the bin, no more nasty smells. Thank you from me and Suki!... Betty, Derbyshire

...I think it's a really good idea. It's not always possible to wash bowls regularly, what with long days at work; putting food out in the morning (great if they eat it), but if they leave it, it goes yukky. But with the desposable liners you can wrap it up and bin. After a few days my bin isn't stinking because of rancid cat food! My cats don't seem to mind the paper inserts, which I thought they might have a problem with, so, so far so good!... Jane, Liverpool

...I love it. My cat is very fussy and never eats all her food, so I was always throwing away half eaten cat food. Consequently opening the kitchen bin was always an unpleasant experience! I must also admit to being very lazy and always put the dirty bowl in the utility room sink without washing it and just get a clean bowl out of the cupboard. Consequently the kitchen sink was full of dirty bowls by the end of the week!! With myfussycat bowl I now have an empty sink and a more pleasant kitchen bin :-) Now if someone could create cat food that my cat would eat all of, my life would be complete… Samantha, Denbighshire

...The bowl is nice and heavy and doesn't slide about, the liners stay in place and spills on and around the metal ring wipe off easily with damp kitchen paper. I would not return willingly to washing bowls after wet food and had actually been looking periodically for a disposable system since I first got my cat two years ago... Valerie, Lincolnshire

...Miss Tabby Harty loves the bowl so much. No complaints from her side! I love this practical and elegant design! ...Andrea and Miss Tabby Harty, London

...The bowl has been a revelation! I used to fumble around at 6am in the morning, cleaning bowls and discarding unwanted food, but now this is so much better - no hassle at all! The kids love putting in new liners too! And more importantly, the cat's happy, so all good! Thank you for developing this product and I wish you much success in the future... David, Hampshire

...This new bowl is extremely well designed and well made and excellant value for money. I would recommend this to all cat owners...  Sally, Bedfordshire