Four good reasons for using the myfussycat pet bowl system

1. A spotlessly clean bowl at every feed

It's essential that a cat's feeding dish is scrupulously clean and free from any lingering smells caused by bacteria, as that is one of the main reasons a cat will not eat the food presented. By using our food grade Scrunch'n'Seal liners, your cat is guaranteed an ultra clean and safe dish every time.

2. Reduced cleaning time

Cleaning cat bowls can be a very tiresome chore, but with the myfussycat system, you often only need to clean the metal rim. The bowl itself is virtually non-stick and bits of food that may have slipped down the sides normally flick off very easily with a damp cloth.

3. No more smelly bins or flies

By simply Scrunching up the liner you effectively seal up any smelly waste food leftovers. Furthermore, flies are prevented from laying eggs in the leftover food and so reduce the chance of maggots and flies hatching in bins.

4. Stylish and hard-wearing

There's nothing that looks quite like a myfussycat pet bowl. With its cool simple design, it's a perfect match for the modern kitchen. Our bowls are extremely tough, have a lovely marblesque solid quality and should last a lifetime.