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Welcome To MyFussyCat


Hello and welcome to myfussycat!

It’s now only two weeks away before we launch our first product range.

A few months ago, we set out to create the perfect cat bowl.

After surveying many cat owners, it was found that one of the most frustrating things was that many cats were quite fussy with their food and often left lots of leftovers.

Some even just took one sniff of a freshly filled bowl and walked away!

To help with this, we decided to create a bowl that accepted low cost disposable liners that would scrunch up and seal in waste food.

This would help with smells in the kitchen and also prevent flies from laying eggs inside the bin.

By using disposable liners, your cat is also guaranteed a scrupulously clean bowl at every feed, which is a real must, especially for fussy cats!, because they can smell even the slightest amount of bacteria left on a bowl.

We are just getting started and so welcome any questions or feedback concerning our products, or in fact anything you would like to communicate on the subject of cats and pet products in general.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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